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portfolio ・ art related inquiries: [email protected]

prices and specifics

Listed prices are for my most commonly requested order types, but can be arranged to cover your needs.
If you'd like to commission me for anything that isn't listed, i'll be happy to hear your ideas.

Check the end of the page for commercial fees.

androgynous characters, cute guys and girls, character-centered illustrations, robots and mecha parts, modern fashion, accessoriesnaturalistic background (especially involving trees and water), realism, cars and vehicles, fantasy outfits, very old charactersstolen characters or art replicas; hateful or discriminatory content towards a specific person or group; portraits or depictions of real children; NSFW featuring real, canonical or apparent minors

illustrations (closed)

This commission type is approx 2000x3000px in 300DPI;
other specifics can be largely discussed.

+Another character+100% of the price (price x n. of characters)
+Background+100-150€ (depending on complexity)
+Props+50€ ea.
Design complexity fee+50€

vtuber / live2d models (closed)

This commission type is approx 3000px in 300DPI;
other specifics can be largely discussed.

these rates are approximated; this type of commission is subject to price variations
depending on the use of the model and the design of the character.
It's always recommended to ask for a quote for your specific case before commissioning.

Commercial usage fees are pre-calculated in the price.
This option does not include Live2D rigging (the art won't move and needs to be worked on in Live2D).
This option's artwork includes both a .PSD (used by the Live2D artist) and a .PNG (flat image) file.

Bustmodel, blush and tears stickers900€
Thighs-upmodel, blush and tears stickers, small toggle1500€
Fullbodymodel, blush and tears stickers, large toggle2000€
Chibimodel, blush and tears stickers900€
glasses, accessories, alt eyes, stickers, animal parts (tail, paws, ears), alt expressionpet or mascot, big plushies, alt outfits, alt hair, big accessories (cape, jacket, sweater, weapon), alt arm/legs poseDesign complexity fee: +100€
Price: +60€ ea.Price: +100€ ea. 

character sheet (closed)

Written infos, color palette and reference layout are already included in the prices.
Each sheet commission includes two files: the full reference sheet and one with
a transparent background with the artwork only.

Reference sheets have very minimal shading in order to focus on the design.

x1 FullbodyDressed or naked fullbody (SFW), any view150€
x1 BustDressed or naked bust (SFW), ideal for expressions80€
x1 Prop or WeaponTwo views of a prop of your choice40-50€
x1 Fullbody ChibiA cute add-on to your reference sheet50€
Custom Design Fee:If you want me to create a character based on your description+300€

commercial use

Commercial use of my artwork must be agreed beforehand by the commissioner.

I charge an one-time fee of +100% of the total price (double the total price) for any usage
including but not limited to: printing, virtual youtuber graphics,
album or book covers, promotional artwork, game illustrations.
For merchandise design, it's one-time fee of +150% of the total price

terms of service

by commissioning me, you agree to the following.

You must be 18 years old or older to commission work from me.

You acknowledge that I'm a digital illustrator and my work is digital only,
meaning there won't be any shipping of physical goods.

My work is for personal or private use only, meaning i do not allow my art to be used for unauthorized commercial purposes
or profit unless commercial usage is specifically accorded at the time the order is made.

As the artist i still mantain all and absolute rights to my works; this includes publishing the work on my socials, adding it as a part of my portfolio, including the work in artbooks and editorial projects, selling prints of my artworks (previously commissioned or not), unless otherwise accorded with the client.

Neither commissioner nor anyone else is allowed to edit, trace, copy, or remove the watermark from the finished product.
You're not allowed to claim my art as your own, even in the case of a paid commission.
Credits to me ( ©mazamuno; the artist) or a link going back to one of my socials must be explicitly given anytime the art is showcased.

No one is allowed to mint my artwork as a NFT (Non Fungible Token); I'm not interested in partaking in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. My art, wether commissioned, pre-existing or merchandise work, can not be minted into an NFT by commissioner nor anyone else.

process and payment details

Commissions are not frist come, first served. I reserve the right to decline your order if i don't feel comfortable or i'm not able to work on it, and to work with clients whose order i feel most passionate about as it directly influences the quality of the product.

・ Full payment will be sent beforehand or at sketch approval, and via Paypal invoice only.

・ Any edits can be made during the sketching and lining phase; once sketch is approved i start working on lineart ➝ coloring ➝ background. I will only send a preview of the sketch before i finish working on the commission, so if you desire to see intermediate WIPs for lineart or flat colors please ask beforehand.

・ Turnaround time for commission's completion will vary depending on the artwork's type,
going from 2~4 weeks to 1~3 months. Deadlines and rush orders can be arranged with an additional fee.

I do not allow chargebacks or paypal disputes; for any issue or if you'd like to discuss about a refund,
you can contact me anytime and I'd be glad to clarify any concern you may have. You can ask about your commission status or for WIPs anytime you desire.
Refunds will be available in different percentages depending on the commission's status:

  • Total refund will be only given if I haven't started working on your commission or if I, as the artist, won't be able to complete your order or have taken more than six months;

  • 70% of the total price will be refunded at sketching phase;

  • 40% of the total price will be refunded at lining phase;

  • NO refunds will be given in coloring/background phase, or if commission is finished.

illustration (2020/2021)

merch design(2020/2021 for illustcafé studio)

vtuber models(2020/2021)

MAZA ・ italian


Digital artist and aspiring mangaka constantly exploring new stuff and techniques to see how far I can go, now focusing on illustrations, fan art and personal characters.

I've studied euro-manga history and techniques in a manga&comic academy and have a small dose of experience with fan-zines, Live2D models, character design and merch design. Right now I work for IllustCafe Studio as an anime merch artist and as a freelance illustrator, daydreaming about being able to work on and publish my stories one day.

TOOLS | Wacom Cintiq 22, Paint Tool SAI v.1

Thank you for the interest in my works!